Jonson on Tour


Durness – Ullapol – Poolewe / 190 km // 2682 km



12 BF Wind… Orkan ! 120 km Windspeed in the middle of the night. Some „normal“ Caravan upside down.. We had to escape to a safe place in the night …The windspeed ist still high in the morning. Rain , Fog and 80 km windspeed, while passing along the westcoast. Diesel is very rare… Gasstations closed. Tank nearly empty.. single lane road.. The onecomming Traffic is very bad to see in this heavy rain and wind.. We travel with 30 km / hour..Maximum.. ………..if the road is going downhill………….. haha..Uphill.. Ok. Thats another Storry..








The City of Ullapool… Windspeed now is down to 60 km… The cold front system has passed by.. O Lot of Trubbles with this storm in the northern highlands.. Our Tiny house made it very well. …..and we found a Diesel Gasstation in Ullapol.













Fish and Chips at Ullapol. The wind is down to 7 BF… What a Trip…If you think about doing a Trip like this in late September with a light Camper Trailer…..??? I would think about it… The wind is the problem..











Found a fantastic Place at a Fish Farm in the western Ross.. The Windspeed still very high.. The Bits Rate on internet acess extremly low..Thats Nature at the westcoast of Scotland..

I take a cold beer now from the fridge..

Have a good one…

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